Eberhard Sauer

Born 1958 in Stuttgart

Photography is my vocation:

I took photos with my father’s camera already at the age of ten. When I was
fourteen, my first publications appeared periodically in the sports press.
Since 1978 I have realized small orders of companies and travelogue pub-
lishers. The first self-earned money gave me the chance to extend my equip-
ment and built the basis for self-determined working. As an assistant and a
studio managing photographer in the employ of various photographers of
the BFF in the area of Stuttgart, I accepted very fast responsibility and took
care of various customers.

Photography is my talent:

Still during my time as an employee the ADC became aware of my works as various design work studies and calendar projects have received an award.

Photography is my freedom:

Self-assured I took the plunge into self-employment in 1989 and fulfilled my desire for “an own studio”. I could introduce my ideas of studio and light during the construction of the studio, which was enlarged once more in 1998.

Photography is my success:

Since the opening of the studio in 1991, I have shot photos for the automobile and furniture industry. The perfect studio concept offers optimum possibilities for the realization of any photographical idea. Many national and international advertising agencies, which have highly appreciated my taking delight in experiments and my creativity, concluded contracts for advertising campaigns, layout-shootings, calendar concepts and catalogue photography.

Photography is my future:

Twelve years ago I processed changeover to digital techniques and since that time I have exclusively worked on data mediums. I can’t lose hold of the fascination of the perfect picture without subsequent manipulation. I am concomitantly in charge of CGI and postproduction to implement the technical possibilities in an optimal way.

Know-how makes the difference!

A selection of awards:

ADC Deutschland Gold, ADC N.Y. Gold, Cannes Lions Gold, The New York Festivals Gold, IAAA, Eurobest, wid, Kontakter Anzeige der Woche, London International Advertising Award, Epica, Gewinnende Werbung Gold, ANDY Advertising Club of New York, Die Anzeige 1999, Jahrbuch der Werbung, Berliner Type, European Regional Design Annual...

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